Father's Day Date 2009 - 2013 in united stated

Father's Day Date 2009 - 2013

In the United States, Father's day is the day to celebrate father is observed on the following dates:

Sunday, June 21st
Sunday, June 20th
Sunday, June 19th
Sunday, June 17th
Sunday, June 16th

Week 30

Week 30…
What? Already dialating?  {that’s craziness}
How far along: 30 weeks
Weight: 125lbs
Waist size: 38 inches
Baby Size: This week per babycenter.com littlest man weighs 3 lbs. and is a little over 15.7 inches from head to toe. His eyesight continues to get better although even after he’s born he will still only be able to see images a few inches from his eyes (20/400).
Stretch Marks: nothings changed...no new ones
Maternity Clothes: Full force.  Today is a Target maternity shirt and motherhood pants.  Although I didn’t stay in them long (story below).
Gender: It's a BOY!
My Symptoms: It’s never a dull moment in this pregnancy.  All week I was fine.  I had major back aches yesterday but I dealt with it and today it was gone.  Then while at work today I started getting sharp pains.  Like someone was sticking needles inside of me.  I ignored it for a while but it became to much and I decided I should call the doctors.  Of course they sent me to the hospital ( which is why I didn’t want to call the doctors in the first place).  But I went.  With the husband on a flight out of town for work, I called my mom and she came with.  Surprise surprise I have already started to dialate.  It’s only to 1cm but still.  Scary!  Is this normal?  I still don’t have an answer.  They gave me a steroid shot for the babies lungs to mature just in case and I go back into the doctors office tomorrow for another one.  They sent me home because thankfully I hadn’t progressed.  For now  I’m on pelvic rest and no heavy lifting for a while.  I have the second dose of my steroid shot tomorrow morning and then a follow up with the doctor on Friday. 
Movement: Little dude is still moving a lot.  He has the hiccups about once a day.  Super cute.  
Sleep: I am still sleeping good.  The normal wake ups but nothing crazy.
Food: Watermelon and steak.  YUMMMM.  Nothing else really sounds good.  Maybe it’s because my stomach is getting jammed into my throat.  Who knows. 
Fun Times: Nothing exciting.  I didn’t do any baby projects this past week.   
This weeks plan: Just the doctors visits but there that, Im just going to rest.  Be lazy.  

Five Free Printables You Don't Want To Miss!

Two things I love a lot are free printables and Pinterest so it should come as no surprise that I have a Freebies & Printables board where else?  Pinterest!  Here are five of my favorites:

 The Lemonade Stand Printables from Funkytime are perfect for summertime activities and parties.

Choose from four different sets of kitchen labels over at Just Something I Made and transform your boring canisters into something sassy.

Reward your little helper with one of these Super Shopper stickers from Armommy.

Mique from 30 Days created this fun Brush Your Teeth Reminder for Tidy Mom.  You know I'll be putting this one up on the wall in Gabrielle and Alaina's bathroom!

And speaking of 30 Days, Alison from Oopsey Daisy shared three fun road trip bingo cards that will help keep long car trips entertaining.

Like what you see?  Head on over to check out my Freebies & Printables Board on Pinterest for more fun finds!

Words You Never Want To Here...

Your Computer CRASHED!

This weekend I was working on my computer creating some cards with my Silhoutte machine.  While stuff was cutting I would search the interent for some ideas...mainly on Pinterest ( a site I love). I had been having issues all weekend with Malware but my computer is loaded with software taht deletes malware with a click of a button.
By Sunday my computer crashed....big time.  I was able to close it but when I tried to turn it back on, that was a different story. Usually people get "the blue screen of death"...mine was BLACK! AGHH!!!

I couldn't even get to my log in screen. I had my computer savy husband take a look at it and he said the dreaded words...
" I think your computer is done for."  No Bueno.

After thinking about it....I started having Malware and virus issues after I started using my favorite site Pinterest.  Has anyone else had the same issue?  Im super annoyed and debating deleting my account on there.  

Thankfully I was able to get a new hard drive but I am worried I lost a lot of my pictures, all my files, and posts.  

Crossing my fingures I get it all back.  

Creative Custom Father's Day Photo Books.... for FREE!

Father's Day is less than two weeks away and if you haven't already gotten your guy a gift, it's time to get serious.  And lucky for you, I've got two great ideas that you can pull of for FREE!

Melissa from Freckle Photo made amazing "10 Reasons I Love You" books for her family last Christmas and creating one for your husband or dad would make the perfect present.

Isn't it sweet?  Here's a peek at a few more pages.

And I love the last page, where the kids contributed their two cents.

Which reminds me of this terrific interactive "Daddy, We Love You" photo book I saw over on Design Aglow.

Ashley interspersed pictures of her kiddos with pages where they could fill in their thoughts about their dad.  From drawing a picture:

And adding in hand prints:

To answering "simple" questions about their dad:

And explaining why he's better than a Jedi Knight:

This is a keepsake fathers and grandfathers alike are sure to cherish forever.

So I know you're probably wondering about that whole FREE thing I mentioned earlier.  Well, York Photo is offering a free 20-page 5x7 custom cover photo book just in time for Father's Day! Just click this graphic for all of the details.

Whether you make a "10 Reasons I Love You" book, one that's similar to the "Daddy, We Love You" book or create something entirely different, this deal is a great reason to get your creative juices flowing to show dad just how much you love him!

Images: Freckle Photo & Design Aglow

Super Star...

Sumo Sweet Stuff

I'm a super star!  
Ok...thats a bit of an exaggeration, but I like the sound of it.  :o)  
Today my nursery lighting project is being featured over at Sumo's Sweet Stuff.
Hop on over and take a look, you won't be disappointed. 

Robot Nursery...

Robot Nursery
Less than 80 days and counting.

Ahh…actually 75 days till my due date (time sure is flying by). 
Back in April I revealed that we would be doing a Robot themed Nursery….nothing over the top and all things will be easily interchangeable.  I first came up with two designs which are located HERE.  But ended up on blue, green, gray and black one, the colors on the other one aren’t us.  We like the beachy airy look. 

Here is the Mood Board

And here are all things needed:
Ceiling lighting
Room painted
Decision on what to do with the office desk
Rocking Chair
Hang Mobile

I hope to paint the room in the next and make a decision on the office desk soon too.